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17.11.2022 by Schllog

We were allowed to accompany ANCA for the first time to EMO 2021 in Milan. After a successful support of the logistics it was quickly clear - we can work even closer together. After 8 years with one trade show design it was also time to modernize the booth concept.

The requirements were clearly defined. As a global player, ANCA had to have a uniform brand identity that stands out, is modular and can be reproduced. Often it makes no sense (economically and ecologically) to ship existing furniture intercontinental, but it is reproduced locally.

To ensure all this, we designed the Grinding Hub booth as a KickOff and Best Practice example analogous to the new ANCA Trade Fair Standards: a conceptual catalog with booth elements and materials. This catalog should serve as a framework for future trade fair appearances to achieve a consistent look and feel globally.

Similar to a corporate design manual, these standards define how the ANCA brand presents itself visually at trade fairs. We define colors, valuable materials, infrastructural design and describe in detail all elements of the booth and their conceptual location. For special components, we also include dimensioned technical drawings, which make it easy for any stand builder to reproduce exactly.

To accommodate different stand sizes, all elements are modular. The bar and info counter each consist of 3 parts that can be free-standing or wall-mounted. The Tech Tunnel is infinitely expandable by 2 combinable elements. Working Stations can be set up with or without Display Tool as needed and offer space for different screen sizes.

The calculation works: After a successful start at GrindingHub, ANCA has successfully continued the new booth design at various trade shows: AMB in Stuttgart, BIMU Milan, IMTS Chicago, TOOLEX Katowice, MSV Brno, MAKTEK Istanbul and this partly with our support and assistance, but also partly on our own with local service providers - depending on the complexity of the appearance.

We are very proud to have developed a strong tool together with our customer, which generates real added value for the ANCA brand directly in the first year.

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