Hands on
in the MAPA laboratory.

Client: MAPA Professionnel
Location: A+A
City: Düsseldorf
Service: Trade fair stand 144sqm

MAPA Professionel produces and sells protective gloves for industrial and commercial clients. In MAPA history, numerous innovations have been produced thanks to the company's own research and development. This empirical demand with which Mapa approaches the many fields of activity in which their gloves are used should also become clear in the trade fair presentation.

Under the motto Mapa Labs we developed an open area accessible from four sides. The dominant colours are Mapa blue and white. Yellow markings guide visitors through the stand. Integrated inscriptions separate different areas of application.

The focus of this A+A was on the automotive sector. Visitors can test gloves for specific activities at different workstations. As a highlight and to get a realistic insight into the possibilities of the product range we integrated different body and car parts into the workstations. Working in an oily environment was simulated on two engine blocks. Fine damages and dents could be felt with the right glove on the car roof.

The large storage is indispensable. FACE2FACECOM has not only thought about the external effect, but also about the internal process optimization and developed a shelf system with over 150 compartments for the many different glove patterns.

For the 40th anniversary of MAPA this A+A should be something very special. FACE2FACECOM therefore organized a joint evening for customers and employees in a special location - read more in the blog.

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