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Kunde: Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH
Veranstaltung: Hausmesse – Doppstadt Experience 2023
Ort: Calbe an der Saale

Doppstadt Experience 2023 - An unforgettable event with Doppstadt Umwelttechnik.

Welcome to the Doppstadt Experience 2023, an extraordinary event that offers you a unique insight into the world of Doppstadt Umwelttechnik. But what exactly does Doppstadt do?

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Doppstadt is a renowned company and a globally leading, recognized partner in the field of environmental technology, which specializes in innovative environmental technology solutions. With over 50 years of experience, Doppstadt has made a name for itself worldwide by developing groundbreaking solutions for waste processing and recycling. From state-of-the-art recycling machines to customized plants, Doppstadt offers sustainable solutions for efficient resource utilization.


At Doppstadt Experience 2023, our goal was to introduce guests to the fascinating world of Doppstadt while providing an unforgettable experience. We overcame numerous challenges, from registering and coordinating hotel bookings to planning a stunning evening program that took place over three consecutive evenings.


Furthermore, we planned and implemented a classic car rally as another highlight on the sidelines of the event. From the old Porsche 911 to the classic Mustang, everything was there to conquer the car hearts of the participants. With wonderful vehicles it went then by the most beautiful corners of the resin. Picturesque roads and bridges offered the participants the opportunity to solve tasks in order to receive the coveted trophies for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.


But also our evening program was a real treat for all senses. We had a talented meat sommelier celebrating authentic Argentine-style asado grilling and a cigar maker from Cuba showcasing her hand-rolled creations. Wine sommeliers entertained guests with entertaining show aspects and cocktail ladies mixed exotic drinks throughout the event. A DJ with a gifted singer and a sensitive saxophonist enchanted the audience, while a photo box captured lasting memories for the guests. Two charming belly-shop ladies rewarded individual guests with sweet treats after solving little mini-games. And the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the roller skate duo from Las Vegas, who amazed guests with acrobatic moves.


Our goal was to offer every guest an unforgettable experience on every day, regardless of whether they were German customers, international dealers or employees. We wanted to ensure that each program item would be enjoyed and that the Doppstadt Experience would be remembered fondly.

Creating this in-house exhibition was a wonderful experience for us. However, the highlight was the enthusiastic guests who fully enjoyed every program item we planned. We are already looking forward to future events with Doppstadt Environmental Technology and to continuing to create excitement.

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