A skyline
for Stuttgart

Client: ANCA CNC Machines
Location: GrindingHub
City: Stuttgart
Service: trade fair stand 435 sqm

The booth we designed bridges the gap between the exhibition and hospitality areas in a balanced mix of materials and colors: metal meets clear lacquer-treated wood elements. The ANCA house colors black and red harmonize on a white background.

In the front area of the booth ANCA exhibited 6 machines. In order to be able to present machine, software and end product in a concentrated way, we designed uniform working stations with an associated tool display for each machine. Visually separated on the left side of the booth as a highlight: the AIMS Area, a schematic structure of machine networking and monitoring.

Within the booth we developed the TechTunnel - a guided museum experience of further software and product solutions from the ANCA world. In an iterative sequence of graphics, touch displays and exhibits, ANCA experts were able to guide visitors through future topics - supported by testimonials from existing ANCA customers.

Metal towers at various heights were receptacles for graphics and illuminated logos for long-distance impact, framing the booth infrastructure below. Above the exhibition area, 3 large logo cubes were hung corresponding to the skyline on the back wall of the booth.

The centerpiece of the hospitality area was the large bar with a 5 meter high shelf back wall. The bar itself was a meeting point for coffee thirsty people with a seamless curved wooden plate - of course from the stylish Italian portafilter machine.

A mix of bistro and living room furniture completed the cozy atmosphere in the hospitality area. ANCA had 2 meeting rooms available for confidential discussions. Here, too, we were able to continue the convincing mix of materials alongside usual meeting equipment.

The website of our customer: The World's Most Flexible Tool Grinder - ANCA - CNC Machines

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