Birthday Party!

19.11.2019 by Stefan Wetzels

What an awsome night.

Don't get me wrong - I love the trade fair business. Creativity, planning, organising, construction supervision - getting your hands dirty - out of the office. Great.
But an evening like the MAPA birthday party is just a brilliant change.

The requirements were seemingly simple: 200 people, customers and employees want to get together on the occasion of the MAPA 40th anniversary on the first evening of the A+A and spend a great night. Thanks to the fantastic marketing team at MAPA and our recommendations, it quickly became clear that it should be a special location. Nobody can see hotel lobbies anymore. There is always the same carpet with boring inlays; there is always the same loveless bread basket on the undecorated buffet; there is always a defective discharge lamp flickering in some corner.
No - our evening should remain differently in our minds. The Design Offices - actually a global coworking space provider - has just opened a new location in Düsseldorf. Some floors are still under construction - but the 6th floor is already finished and offers an unsurpassable view from the surrounding roof terrace. On the inside cool, minimalist design and flexible furniture worlds.

Instead of a loveless bread basket, we have also given the catering an event character. Barbecue in November? Sure - Oliver Sievers, BBQ World Champion 2017 is standing at the grill and chatting with guests about his work. The boys from Holy Craft bring a selection of matching Craft beers to try. You can chat along. A modern buffet and everything under the supervision of Food Explorer - since this year with a permanent stand at Düsseldorf's Carlsplatz. Pure culinary pleasure.

Also characteristic is the photo box with MAPA photowall - the later the evening, the more eccentric the pictures. Where else can you make a selfie with your CEO in full safety equipment and work gloves?
True to the motto: It is not simple to be cool, but cool to be simple. The simple things work...if they are perfectly aligned.

That's exactly what this evening was all about - perfect alignment
And certainly in a better memory than a hotel lobby.

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